Nigeria Project Phase I of Huafeng Weiye Company Successfully Finishes Intermediate Maintenance of #8 Combustion Engine


  After 20 day of hard work, on July 28th, 2014, Nigeria Project Phase I of Huafeng Weiye Company Successfully Finished Intermediate Maintenance of #8 Combustion Engine and connected it into the grid.
  During the routine inspection conducted by the Equipment Department, they found that there were problems with the #8 combustion engine like cracks in the combustion nozzle and coat falling off. And the problems posed great danger to the safe operation of the equipment. The Project Department and the Owner came to a quick agreement on aspects like spare parts and business and the intermediate maintenance of #8 combustion engine began on July 8th. The Project Department paid lots of attention to the safety of the maintenance and the HSE Department appointed specialized personnel to supervise the implementation of safety procedure, PTW system, technique procedure and quality criteria, making sure the safe and smooth progress of this intermediate maintenance.
  This intermediate maintenance is the first maintenance task carried out by the newly founded maintenance company of the Nigeria Project. Against harsh weather and lack of tools, the maintenance staff successfully finished the intermediate maintenance in time with flying colors. The Owner thought highly of the maintenance work and the maintenance staff. And this intermediate maintenance also demonstrated our enterprise vision of “building a top-class company for power station commissioning and O&M.”