Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project Conducts the Activity of Master Employees Guiding New Staff


  At 20:35 on August, 10th, 2014, Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project of Huafeng Weiye Company held the Opening Ceremony of the Activity of Master Employees Guiding New Staff in the commissioning meeting hall. Vice Manager Mr. Li Shanggang and the whole project staff attended the ceremony.
  This activity is favorable toward promoting the general quality of new employees, which can help them be more qualified for gas turbine posts. At the scene of the activity, the tutors and their students signed the contract seriously.
  Vice Manager Mr.Li pointed out in his speech that O&M projects in Saudi Arabia of Huafeng Weiye Company attend the trial running of Block 30 gas turbine and the commissioning of Block 30 and 40 gas steam combined cycle units. Yet the company is lack of experienced employees operating Siemens 9F gas turbine, especially short of professional operating people. Although the project has done many operating training which help the staff to hve a rapid progress already, it is necessary to develop this efficient activity of master employees guiding new staff which can save training cost and promote O&M management. Formulating a long-term training plan for new gas turbine employees and providing them with persistent and targeted training can help the company to have more omnipotent on-duty operators.
  The new staff of gas turbine division will form the concept of safe and civilized production and define their personal occupation developing plan, which can enhance the staff’s sense of loyalty and belonging to the enterprise. The project department will appoint outstanding employees for monitors based on comprehensive survey and evaluation including technological level, comprehensive quality and working ability.
  At the end Manager Li expected this activity to bring up more qualified professional gas turbine operating workers. On the one hand, teachers should not only teach students skills, but also guide them to work in a perfect and safe way with gracious occupation moral. On the other hand, new staff should work hard and learn new things seriously under the teachers’ guidance with the requirement to be the backbone as quickly as possible.