Huafeng Weiye Company Yichun Project Achieved Success of Its First Turbine Running Up


  At 13:00 of August 25th, 2014, one garbage incineration power generation commissioning project taken by Huafeng Weiye Company Yichun Project reached 3000 rounds of its first turbine running up and achieved fully success.
  The garbage incineration power generation project in Yichun is the first garbage generation project in China which was taken by Huafengweiye Company cooperated with Beijing Zhongke GE Energy Environmental Protection Co. Ltd.. And it has one 12MW steam turbine power unit and one boiler made by Wuxi Taihu Boiler Co. Ltd..
  On 22nd, August, the commissioning staff came to the working place and communicated with the owner, installation unit, maker of steam turbine and supervising unit about the circumstances of short construction period and large workload, handed in glove, developed the spirit of Huafeng staff, worked more than 18 hours per day, and finally accomplished a lot of tests including electrical no-load test, boiler steam leakage test, turbine-gear and chaining protecting test, low oil pressure chaining protecting test, steam engine conditioning safeguard system test, OPC test, thermal ETS, TSI protecting test and steam turbine overspeed test, etc., and fully made sure of the safety of power unit testing running and the success of the first turbine running up.
  The success of this running up won affirmation from all sites and built firm foundation for the commissioning in the next step, which also has a positive meaning for the further cooperation between our company and Beijing Zhongke GE  Energy Environmental Protection Co. Ltd..