Huafeng Weiye Company Commissioning Staff Boost the Nuclear Fuel Charge of Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Project #1


  At 15:25 of Sep 1st, 2014, with the joint efforts of commissioning staff of Huafengweiye Company, the Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Project No.1 Unit completed its first fuel filling, which means this unit moved from the engineering construction period to commissioning period with nucleus.
  Qinshan Nuclear Power Project was built in Haiyan, Jiaxing of Zhejiang Province. It locates in the loading centre of the East China Power Grid, and it is the source of Chinese mainland’s nuclear power. Fangjiashan First-stage Extension (2X1000MW) is a pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit, which is independently designed, constructed, operated and managed by our country. It is the eighth unit of Qinshan Nuclear Power Foundation. The project’s total installed capacity could be 6,300,000 KW after put into production, which could be one-third of the Three Gorges Project, and its energy output exceeds the Tree Gorges Project more than a half.
  Shanghai Fox Instrument Company took over the thermal control commissioning work of Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Unit, and took charge of all system thermal control commissioning works and daily defect management works of the unit’s nuclear island and conventional island. Huafengweiye Company accredited four senior technical staff to cooperate with Shanghai Fox Instrument Company to complete the tasks mentioned above.
  After went into the site, the commissioning staff from our company developed the Iron Army Spirit of ‘Initiative, Accountability, Persistent”, actively communicated and cooperated with all sites, worked hard with the commissioning personnel from the owner, completed #1 water pressure testing, cold state experiment, hot state experiment hot state nonnuclear rolling, and guaranteed the nuclear fuel charge of #1.
  In the text step, the commissioning staff of Huafengweiye Company will carry out the experiments in different load of #1 and the hot state nonnuclear rolling of #2, and contribute to achieve the goal of running #1 in the end of 2014 and running #2 in the end of 2015.