Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Ogun Power Plant Energy Output of August Reaches Historic Peak


  Recently, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Ogun Project sent good news to the headquarter that with the effort of all staff of the project, the power output of August in Ogun reached a historic peak of 117,421,200 KW, which exceeded 25,921,200 KW than the plan of 91,500,000 KM.
  When taking over the maintaining and operation works at the first stage of the power plant, there were a lot of problems of the unit’s running state because of the disrepair for a long time. And there consecutively happened a lot of problems including the exciter malfunction of #1 engine, shaft pad shaking exceeding of #1 engine, #3 engine, #4 engine and #8 engine, large dispersion of air exhaustion and severe ablation of  stationary blade in first class of #7 engine and #8 engine, exceeding temperature between wheels of #1 engine, etc. Besides, the problems of the equipments were far beyond the maintaining and operation contract and the technician staffing. While the equipment department of the project and the maintenance company overcame the difficulties finally. And the staff of the operation department carefully examined and operated the equipments, monitored the parameters change of the unit, timely traced the state of the equipments, optimized the operation, contacted the repairing personnel when found problems, solved the problems quickly, guaranteed the safe and stable operation of the unit, and built firm foundation for the stable operation of the unit.
  So far, with the effort of all staff, the #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 and #8 unit had been operated stably gradually. It was estimated that after putting the #3 main transformer and the #5 engine into operation, the monthly unit energy output would be moved to a higher level, and that would also guaranteed for successfully completing the project’s annual generation plan.