Huafeng Weiye Company Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project Dept Takes Over the Commercial Operations of Block 10 and 20


  Recently, Huafeng Weiye Company had good news that at local time 7:45 a.m. of 4th, September, 2014, Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project Department took over the business operations of Zawar plant’s Block 10 and 20.
  There are 6 Blocks in Zawar plant in total. Block 10 has 2 turbine and gas turbine single cycle units and relevant shared devices. Block 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 are gas-steam combined cycle units, and each block has two gas turbines, one steam turbine, two HRSG boilers and relevant shared devices. The total installed capacity is 3041 MW. Huafeng Weiye Company took over the operation and maintenance works of this plant.
  Huafeng Weiye Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project Dept won recognition by its strong professional knowledge, skillful operation, and excellent work style. All staff developed the spirit of ‘Initiative, Active, Treat the End as the Beginning’. Four departments including the Operation Dept, the S&P Dept, the Maintenance Dept and the C&A Dept cooperated closely, prepared for months, and successfully took over the business operation of the plant’s Block 10 and 20.
  In the next step, the O&M Project Dept would make great effort to do the business operation of Block 10 and 20, insist the principle of ‘Safety Production, Civilized Production’, make sure of the safe and steady operation of the units, make the company and owner satisfied, and build firm foundation for taking over the following units’ business operation.