Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria OLORUNSOGO 335MW Plant #3 Main Transformer Successfully Receives Electricity


  At local time 15:58 of September 13th,  2014, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria OLORUNSOGO 335MW Plant #3 main transformer received electricity successfully. This is the first time of the project to independently complete the large plant construction erection and commissioning project after setting up the Nigeria O&M Dept, which has great meaning for improving the force of the O&M Dept and developing the Nigeria power market.
  In order to do the erection commissioning for #3 main transformer quickly, increase the number of running units, and maximize the profit of the owner, the project prepared a lot before the new main transformer arrived to the site. On 5th, August, after the new main transformer arrived, the O&M department carefully organized and strictly controlled, and all departments closely cooperated, overcame adverse factors including tight work schedules, lacking of personnel and heavy rains, worked hardly in a half month, successfully completed the erection work of the #3 main transformer’s proper and attachments. According to the plan, after got qualification of the oil test, the project tested the #3 main transformer charging for 5 times, and each time was charged for 10 minutes. The test results proved that the transformer insulation and mechanical strength could bear the shock of working voltage and excitation float, and the main transformer differential protection could get by the impact of excitation float.
  The successful charging of #3 main transformer will help the Nigeria OLORUNSOGO 335MW Plant to increase the amount of running units from 6 to 7, and also to guarantee the completion of contract planned annual power generation task and maintaining the owner’s profit.