Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Project Successfully Completes the Fifth Training for NAPTIN


  Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Project held the fifth training for 26 students in SEPCO-PACIFIC Training Centre from 31st, August to 13th, September, 2014, and achieved great success.
  On 1st, September, the opening ceremony was held.  Mr. Nie Chunyu, Deputy Project Manager, welcomed the students and introduced the SEPCO-PACIFIC Training Centre on behalf of the project. The delegates from the owners of the Phase I and Phase II attended the ceremony and gave speech on the ceremony.
  Aimed at this training, the project planned in advance, organized carefully, established a leading group for the training, and coordinated with all departments to make a good environment for both training and living, which built firm foundation for improving the training quality. During the training period, the project divided the students into three groups and set four majors including turbine, HRSG boiler, steam turbine and vibration. The project invited local teachers and employees in the power plant to teach the most part of the course, and let the engineers from China to provide business guidance to them. On 13th, September, the training centre held the closing ceremony and awarded graduation certificate to the students, which means the training achieved great success.
  By doing this training cooperation with NAPTIN, the project trained a large number of talents in the field of electric power technology, and made great contribution to the development of the electric power technology in Nigeria. Besides, this training programme also improved the influence and popularity of our company in Nigeria, and that really has positive meaning of developing the electric power market in both Nigeria and Africa.