Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project Carrys Out ‘Quality Month’ Training Activity


  In order to further implement the spirit of <Carry Out 2014 Annual ‘Quality Month’ Activity>, on September 22nd, 2014, the SA Zawar O&M Project carried out the training activity named ‘Units Operation Quality Control’. The training activity was organized by the safety department, and the personnel from O&M project and SEPCO III QC department participated in this training.
  The main them of this training was ‘Reliability of Power Generation Equipment Operation’. And the participants in the training made the PPT courseware combined with the relevant examples in the Siemens F level gas turbine units operation of domestic power plants and the operation situations of BLOCK10 and 20 in the project, summarized the whole situation from the aspects of safe operation, system optimize and units operation status analysis, proposed improvement measures.
  In the next step, the SA Zawar O&M Project will insist the idea of ‘Quality is the enterprise’s life’, enhance the operation quality control, improve the whole control level of units operation, and guarantee the steady operation of the units.