Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Project Makes Seven Units Generating in Full Load and Reaches Historic Peak


  During the National Day holiday period, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Project sent good news that with the hard work of our O&M staff, the project made seven units generating in full load on October 2nd, 2014, and reached historic peak, and the unit operation also reached the best state.
  Before the power plant privatization, the units had always been operated in bad state because of the lack of systematic maintenance. There were only two available units in the power plant when the project undertook the power plant, and the other six units were all defective units. The GT1 turbine liner was broken; GT4, GT7 and GT8’s level one combustion nozzle had terrible corrosion problem; GT5 #3 main transformer was broken; GT6 generator rotor was in repair. All these problems caused great pressure to the project to operate the O&M contract. At the same time, in order to punctually complete the power generation task, the owner required the project to operate the units with problems, which brought great hidden danger to the unit safe operation. Furthermore, the GT4, GT1, GT3, GT8 and GT5, had vibration problem one after another, which became the main negative factor of impeding the steady operation of the power plant.
  Facing with the negative factors mentioned above, the staff of the project developed the spirit of ‘initiative, responsible, insistent’, communicated with the owner and asked for emergency materials and spares, made detailed O&M plan, and checked and maintained the units one by one.
  After that, with the support of the leaders and experts of the head office, and the suggestion from the domestic vibration experts, the O&M staff developed the Huafeng Weiye spirit, overcame the difficulties such as lack of personnel, instrument and spares, solved the vibration problem, and completed the GT1, GT7, GT8 intermediate maintenance and #3 main transformer erection tasks. And the project also made preparation for the GT6 generator rotor overhaul. Besides, the project took several EVOP measures according to the instrument situation on the site, made sure the units were in the best operation state, and guaranteed the units safe and steady operation.
  Finally, with the hard work in the past 10 months and the joint effort of the project staff, the Nigeria Project successfully made seven units operating steadily, which helped the project won high praise from the owner and build firm foundation for further developing the Nigerian power market for Huafeng Weiye Company.