Huafeng Weiye Company Thailand Project Achieves First Success of NPP5A Service System Electric Receiving


  During the National Day holiday time, Huafeng Weiye Thailand Project sent good news to us that the project achieved the first success of NPP5A service system electric receiving at 16:45 of October 3rd, 2014, which could be seen as a perfect birthday gift to the motherland.
  The NPP5A unit locates at the 304 industrial zone in Prachin Buri. It is an old expanded unit which is belonged to the TNP Power Station Project, and its installed capacity is 1×98MW. Huafeng Weiye Company took over the system commissioning, start up, maintenance training tasks of this project.
  Since the beginning of September, the weather of Prachin Buri has been becoming more and more changeable, and the environment has become terribly hot and wet. At the same time, the owner sharply shortened the commissioning period to pursue the punctual power generation. Under the terrible circumstances mentioned above, the commissioning staff of the project developed the spirit of ‘initiative, responsible, and insistent’, overcame the high temperature problem and the unsafe factors, carefully planned, and closely cooperated, to guarantee the commissioning progress. When doing the system commissioning with the problems about unmatched interface and junctions, the commissioning staff checked every process carefully, gave feedback to the owner and the design institute to update the sketch timely, and solved the problems quickly. Finally, depending on the positive working attitude and professional techniques, the commissioning staff timely and safely completed the service system electric receiving task and won recognition from all aspects.
  The Thailand Project is the first oversea project which was developed by Huafeng Weiye Company its own, and it means our company has gone into the Southeast Asian power market. Moreover, the successful electric receiving of NPP5A service system made firm foundation for the follow-up work, and it also has positive effect of improving our company’s force in Southeast Asian power market.