Huafeng Weiye Company Cuddalore Project Phase II Convenes Seminar of Back Energizing Plan


  At present, the back energizing commissioning work of Huafeng Weiye Company India Cuddalore Project Phase II has been nearly completed, and the acceptance work has been carried out in good order. In order to guarantee to steadily and safely promote the process of back energizing work and to make well preparation in prior, in recent days, the leaders of the project organized the electric staff and convened the seminar of back energizing plan in the extra time.
  On the seminar, the staff studied the operation steps of back energizing, discussed the hazard in the process of back energizing, and made relevant precautionary measures. After that, aiming at the problems about the range, the items to be measured, measuring method and safety measures in the back energizing plan, the stuff discussed and analyzed together and gave answers to the problems.
  The seminar improved the safety awareness and the understanding level to the electrical systems of the commissioning stuff, and also made great contribution to the process of back energizing and the safe operation of the units.