Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project Carries out Training of <Safety Regulations for Power>


  In order to further implement the basic policy of ‘Safety first, prevention first’, to improve the safe awareness of the project’s O&M stuff, and to guarantee the steady and safe operation of the units, Huafeng Weiye Company Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project carried out the training for <Safety Regulations for Power> from October 6th, 2014. The training activity was organized by the S&P Dept of the project, and the operators participated in the training.
  The training carried out the course of <Safety Regulations for Power – Power Transformation Part> and <Thermal Power Plant Power Part> in the ways of concentrated training, review after training and examination. The project will organize periodic training and examination to check the training effect in the following days.
  The training made the operator to master the content of <Safety Regulations for Power>, improved the safety awareness and protective capability of the operator, eradicated unprofessional operation activities, and guaranteed the safety of both the operators and the equipments as well as the safe operation of the units.