Company Organizes Meeting to Study 2017 Mid-year Working Conference


On August 8th, 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the meeting to study and implement the spirit of 2017 Mid-year Working Conference at 16F meeting room, building A. Ms. Sun Xuemei, Manager of Administration Department, held the meeting. Mr. Peng Hong, Party Branch Secretary and Vice President, the department managers and party members attended the meeting.
Mr. Peng firstly led the attendees to study the working report made by Mr. Wang Li and then combined with the company’s reality and his own thought to deeply explain the main items.
After that, aiming at the requirement of the company’s business development, Mr. Peng pointed that all the departments should adjust and improve the management and further improve the control effect of project implementation. He also required that all the departments should clear the working ideas, use the conference spirit to guide the work and improve the working capability and working level.
At the end of the meeting, Ms. Sun led the attendees to study the party members’ network behaviour instruction and watch the video of carry the innovation through to the end. The meeting has significant guiding meaning to promote the company’s management improvement and innovation. Next, the company staffs will work harder to accomplish the targets and tasks of 2017.