Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar Project Finishes Chemical Cleaning Task for the First Unit


  Recently, Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar Project finished chemical cleaning task for the HRSG31 boiler, and all technical indicators behaves well, which means the chemical cleaning task of the first unit in the project has been successfully finished.
  The SA Zawar Project is a new-constructed 3041MW gas fired combined circulation unit. The range of chemical cleaning includes ten boilers and deaerator, and the boilers are made by Doosan Group from Korea. Huafeng Weiye Company took over the chemical cleaning task of this project. The leaders of head office and the on-site managers pay high attention to the task, prepared carefully, arranged in all details including making chemical cleaning plan, procuring equipments and chemical, customs declaration, international transport, and on-site erection and commissioning, guaranteed the progress of the project.
  At 22:00 of August 28th, Mr. Mitu, the engineer from Swiss POYRY Company, who is always been described as critical, was invited to check the drum of the project. After opened the man hole, Mr. Mitu checked the internal passivation protective film of the drum, and smiled satisfied. And this smile means the chemical cleaning task was completed successfully.
  The successful completion of this chemical cleaning task further enhanced the company’s capability of operating overseas projects. Firstly, the company got familiar with the whole process including procurement, design, transport, erection and commissioning, especially the connection with overseas industrial standards and the trading process of chemical in doing the overseas projects. Secondly, we also knew more about the overseas standards by communicating technology and skill with all aspects on the site. Since there are differences between China and other countries in project management concept, Mr. Li Xuesong, Chief Commissioning Engineer of the Project, and Mr. Fu Shaohua, Director of Chemical Cleaning Centre, communicated with the owner, organized the technical staff to improve the chemical cleaning workmanship with the concept of “Correct process leads to correct result.”, finally finished the chemical cleaning task and passed the acceptance check.
  Chemical cleaning of thermal power unit is a main part of power station EPC project. The successful completion of SA Zawar Project chemical cleaning task builds firm foundation to the following work, has great guiding significance to knowing more about overseas similar projects, and also has positive effects to developing electric power market in Middle East.