Hufeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes DCS System Power-Lossing Emergency Treating Activity


  At 16:00 p. m. of November 22nd, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project organized the emergency treating activity about DCS system power-lossing in the control room on site. This activity is organized by S&P Department, managed by Operation Department and assisted by Maintenance Department, and it simulated the DCS system power-lossing situation and the emergency treating process of all departments cooperating with each other from the emergency beginning to the unit safe shutdown.
  This activity set a command department, and Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Manager of SA Zawar O&M Project, was the commander. Under the commander, there were operation central control team, equipment emergency repair team and activity inspection team. Besides, the project also invited the director of Safety Department from SEPCOIII and the owners to visit the whole process of the activity. Before the activity, Mr. Zou Zhiyong made a speech, explained the importance of this activity, put forward several requirements about the activity, and then announced the beginning of the activity at 16:00 p. m.. During the activity, in order to guarantee the safe and steady operation of the unit, the command department set an isolation zone between the operation field and activity field to avoid any influence to the operators. The Operation Department and Maintenance Department cooperated with each other in the activity closely. The operators operated the emergency treating measures as per the emergency plan and solved the problems successfully. Finally, the activity was finished at 16:45 p. m..
  The success of this activity further checked the rationality and effectiveness of all plans, improved the project’s capability about treating emergency, and won recognition from all aspects about the well cooperation and emergency treating ability of all departments in our project. In the next period, the project will improve their work according to the problems found in this activity and further modify the content of the plans to better meet the requirements on the real site.