Huafeng Weiye Company Xinjiang Jingang 2×135MW Owned Power Plant Gets Success on First Energization


  On 13:18 p. m. of November 29th, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company Xinjiang Jingang 2×135MW Owned Power Plant Project got its first success on energization to electrical system. This success built firm foundation for the following mechanical single and partial commissioning of #1 and auxiliary system.
  In order to carry out the energization work successfully, the project organized carefully, insisted in the spirit of ‘Insuring safety and paying attention to quality’, and worked really hard. The energization work was for: start up/standby transformer in 35KV; standby section bus, power line, and bus relevant equipments in 6KV; 1A section bus and 1B section bus, standby power line, and bus relevant equipments of #1 in 6KV; energization transformer; LV auxiliary transformer of #1; LV standby transformer; water supply transformer; chemical water transformer; and common transformer. The whole energization process was really successful; all system and equipments worked well after the energization; the parameters were correct. And all these indicated the successful completion of the energization work.
  Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Division 4 Regiment 73 Jingang Circular Economy Industrial Park 2×135MW Owned Power Plant Project is a project for power generation invested and constructed by Yili Xingang Thermoelectric Energy Co., Ltd., and CSEPDI is the EPC contractor. Huafeng Weiye Company took over the tasks including subsystem commissioning, whole start-up commissioning, special test, gird test, electrical constant value calculation, etc., and this project was taken by Huafeng Weiye Company itself. Operating this project can supply electric power to enterprises including Zhonggui Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Guopeng Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Yugui Technology Co., Ltd. and Ili Jiuhong Silicon Co., Ltd., etc., and promote the development of local economy and society.