The First and Second Groups of Trainees of Huafeng Wieye Company Indonesia Kultim-Teluk Palikpapan Project Move into Simulation Training Period


  According to the training plan, from November 18th, 2014, the first and second groups of trainees in the Indonesia Kultim-Teluk Palikpapan project finished the theory study, safety knowledge study and relevant examination and on-site practical training and moved into the simulation training period.
  During the simulation training period, the trainees will study the equipment structure about all majors in power plant, the start-up and shutdown control about all kinds of equipments and the sequence of starting and shutting the unit. After that, there will be a examination about simulating machine operation, and the trainees will be awarded graduation certificate after passing the examination. Since the study task in this period is heavy, and there are too many difficulties including language difficulty, large scope of knowledge, huge amount of equipments and procedures and complicated start-up and shutdown conditions, the staff in the project prepared carefully, communicated with the trainees actively, encouraged the trainees to study harder, and finally achieved great success.