Good News: Company Signs Long-term O&M Contract of Myanmar Thaketa 110MW Combined Cycle Power Plant


At local time 9:30 of August 10th, 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company signed the long-term O&M contract of Myanmar Thaketa 110MW Combined Cycle Power Plant with YEIG and UREC. Mr. Ni Jiawei, President of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Zhao Jin, Chairman of the owner’s Myanmar Branch, and Mr. Dong Fan, President of the owner’s Myanmar Branch, attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Wang Jian, Project Manager of the company’s Myanmar Project, and Mr. Dong signed the contract on behalf of the two sides.
Myanmar Thaketa Combined Cycle Power Plant locates at Thaketa Township, 10km away from the east of Rangoon and its designed total load is 500MW. The load of Phase I is 110MW, and the owner is YEIG and UREC. The supervisor is BV, and SPECOIII constructed the project as the EPC contractor. The Phase I is constructed with 1 set of 106F multi-shaft arrangement CCPP, 1 set of GE 6F.03 low NOx GT, 1 set of GE GT generator, 1 set of no-afterburning double pressure horizontal HRSG, 1 set of signal cylinder no-reheat condensing ST, 1 set of ST generator and their auxiliary equipment.
Huafeng Weiye Company took over the commissioning and trial running works when constructing the project. The company’s O&M achievements, the project staffs’ professional skills, excellent working style and superior management won great trust and recognition from the owner which helped the company to sign the long-term O&M contract successfully.
Next, the Myanmar Project will carry out the preparation work in accordance with the contract requirement to build firm foundation for the following O&M work.