Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar Project Achieves Success on Igniting and Turning GT42


  At local time 14:08 p.m. of December 2nd, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company Saudi Arabia Zawar GT42unit got success on first ignition and turned the gas turbine on the speed of 3600rpm after 9 minutes, and all parameters met good standard.
  In order to ensure the project progress and the success of GT42 ignition, Huafeng Weiye Company insisted in the spirit of ‘Initiative, Responsible, Insist’, cooperated and worked together with all aspects, and finished the gas turbine auxiliary system commissioning and gas turbine proper commissioning works including metering air system, high load cleaning and blowing system, lub oil system, jacking oil system, control oil system, ventilation and cooling system, gas turbine air inlet system, generator cooling system, gas turbine steam extraction and cooling system, as well as checking and inspecting the I&C local display instrument, pressure switch, temperature switch and thermocouple of gas turbine proper and auxiliary system and DCS control interlock. The system commissioning work and tests with high quality, high effectiveness and high acceptability won recognition form the supervisor and owner and built firm foundation for the following commissioning work.
  Gas turbine ignition is a very important step in the gas turbine commissioning work, and it is not only a comprehensive checkout for gas turbine cold state commissioning quality, but also a significant symbol for indicating that the gas turbine moves into the hot state commissioning period. Besides, during the work, the working style and commissioning capability of the commissioning engineers from Huafeng Weiye Company won recognition from all aspects.