Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Deputy General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, Visits India Cuddalore Project for Inspecting and Guiding Their Work


  On December 1st, 2014, Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Deputy General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, and Mr. Zhao Yongquan, Manager of Commerce Dept, visited India Cuddalore Project for guiding their work, and attended project staff meeting on December 2nd.
  On the meeting, Mr. Shi appreciated to the working attitude of coordinating with all aspects and commissioning achievement got under the circumstance of large unit, high requirement from owner, lack of personnel, and hoped that the employees could further develop the Huafeng Weiye spirit of and make the unit to generate once. After that, Mr. Shi introduced the current development situation and future plan to the employers and emphasized the great significance of the Cuddalore project to our company. At last, Mr. Xu Jisheng, Commissioning Chief Engineer said in the name of all the employees, ‘The Cuddalore project will continue to develop their positive spirit, make effort to improve themselves, ensure the commissioning promotion and quality of the project, and make company satisfied.’
  During the visiting period, Mr. Shi communicated with the staff kindly and cared about the staff’s working and living situation and the new employees’ learning status. Mr. Shi also said that the project should pay attention to the new employees’ development, enrich the staff’s daily life, and ensure every employee could work and live in a happy atmosphere.