Nigeria Project Organizes Learning Activity for Learning <CEPCA Safety Accident Managing Regulation>


  Recently, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Project organized staff to learn the <CEPCA Safety Accident Managing Regulation>. The regulation made several requirements and guidance about accident grading, accident report, investigation and treating, etc. Mr. Peng Hong, Project Manager, required and arranged several points about safe production and safe living combining with the actual situation.
  Firstly, all departments should faithfully implement the regulations and safety production responsibility system, ensure the stand-by service, make detailed report, and follow the regulations and requirements.
  Secondly, all departments should check and inspect the work by themselves, analyse and find out the potential risk in the work, rectify the work timely, and implement the spirit of ‘Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treating’.
  Thirdly, the Safety Dept of the project should lead to do the safety work, train the employees to have safety awareness with training, safety check and emergency treating exercise, help the employers to get the rescue skills, and minimize the risk and accident loss.
  Fourthly, based on the specificity of working abroad and the public security situation in Nigeria, the staff should hence their safety awareness for their daily life and take responsibility to the company, their family and themselves.