Owners of Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan Project Visit Huafeng Weiye Training Center for Inspecting Teaching Situation and Training Result


  On December 3rd, 2014, Mr. Muhammad Dahlan Djmaluddin, Manager of Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan Power Plant, as well as other 6 owners of the plant, visited Huafeng Weiye Training Center accompanied by Mr. Xue Weixin, Deputy Manager of the project from SINOHYDRO for inspecting the domestic training situation. Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, and Mr. Su Yongde, Manager of the project from Huafeng Weiye Ccompany, accompanied them and organized onsite visiting, classroom visiting and communicating meeting to help the owners to inspect the teaching and training result about the past month.
  The owner’s visiting encouraged the trainees a lot and made the learning atmosphere to become livelier. During the visiting, the owners and trainees studied a theory lecture together, saw the simulation training process, and visited the power plant in the training center. After that, the owners from Indonesia, SINOHYDRO, and Huafeng Weiye Company held a communicating meeting and discussed all problems about the training. On the meeting, Mr. Su reported the training situation at present and arrangement about following works and introduced the trainees’ performance, the training methods, training evaluation and logistic works to the owners. The owners from Indonesia and SINOHYDRO appreciated to the work finished by Huafeng Weiye Company and spoke highly of the training result. At last, these three parties communicated about the following training work and onsite training and guiding work with each other and reached a consensus.