India Cuddalore Project Organizes Study Activity for Power China <Notice about Further Strengthen Safety Production Work>


  On the morning of December 15th, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company India Cuddalore Project organized staff to study the <Notice about Further Strengthen Safety Production Work> from Power China in the electric office.
  During the study, under the guidance of Mr. Xu Jisheng, Commissioning Chief Engineer of the project, Ms. Fan Xueni, administrator of the project, firstly led the staff to study the notice, and then Mr. Zhang Sanbing, Deputy Commissioning Chief Engineer of the project, shared his experience about daily safe production.
  At last, Mr. Xu further explained the importance of studying the notice combining with the actual situation in the project and emphasized five items in the notice: strictly perform the safety entity responsibility and increase the safety production executive ability; deepen safety production management and completely check accident potential; implement safety production measures and pay attention to safety in this winter and the following spring; strengthen traffic safety and keep close watch on fire; do the best on safety production alarm and emergency shift work. Mr. Xu also required that the staff should study the notice carefully, check their own job, promote the safety production work, and make contribution to the development of the company.
  This study activity helps the staff to realize the importance and necessary of safety production, further increased the safety awareness of the staff, and has great meaning of the ensuring the safety production in the project.