India Cuddalore Project Organized Commissioning Training


  From December 1st to 14th, Huafeng Weiye Company India Cuddalore Project organized a commissioning training for a period of 2 weeks to the new staff. The training includes several main majors such as electric, chemistry, boiler, steam turbine and I&C, etc., and the training content includes instrument identification, basic knowledge of system, main system, and notice and operating process of system.
  1. Electrical major organized the new staff to study the primary main system, energization programme and process, notes, etc. During study period, Mr. Zhang Hua, Electrical Engineer explained the GIS system interlock logistic, switching operation and safety notes combining with equipment maintenance examples to the electrical trainees.
  2. Chemical major organized the new staff to study the process and equipments of sea water desalination system and boiler feedwater system as well as the key points in system commissioning process, led the trainees to visit the high pressure pump room of sea water desalination system, and explained the working principle, notes before operation and control points in the operation about water pump.
  3. Boiler major organized the new staff to study the boiler pulverizing system and took the on-site training of commissioning plan, commissioning process and safety notes about the pulverizing system. On 11th, December, the trainees studied the desuperheater water system.
  4. Steam turbine major organized the new staff to study the structure and working process of oil purification device, the structure of steam turbine stator and diaphragm seal device. Mr. Zhao Jianbao, Steam Turbine Engineer taught the structure of low pressure stator of #1 to the new staff.
  5. I&C major organized the new staff to study the I&C configuration system and notes of the operation, and detailed explained the configuration exception report and I/O list checking items to the trainees.