Commissioning Engineers of Huafeng Weiye Company Make Contribution to Commercial Operation of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant


  On December 15th, 2014, we received good news that with the help of the commissioning engineers from Huafeng Weiye Company, the Fangjiashan #1 has passed full load 100 hours trial operation test and has been qualified to be put into commercial operation.
  Fangjiashan (2×1000MW) unit locates at Qinshan, Haiyan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and it is a unit with large capacity in domestic. The engineers from Huafeng Weiye Company took charge of the commissioning task in I&C including single equipment commissioning, system trial operation and operation from whole system trial operation to commercial operation. The nuclear power system is complicated; the safety factors are important to the system; and the logistic design is really large which includes many kinds of drawings such as AD/LD drawing designed by Huadong Designing Institute, AD/LD drawing designed by No.2 Nuclear Institute, FD drawing designed by Invensys, FD drawing designed by CNCS and DEH drawing designed by Alstom, etc. There are 4 kinds of DCS in NC, NC+ and triconex; the first class is FOXBORO; the DEH is from Alstom; the second class is ATOS; the protection commissioning device is made by Xinhua; and there are also several S7-300 and S7-400 systems from Siemens. Therefore, the different control system with different characteristics led to many difficulties in manufactory, technology and equipment to the commissioning process. However, the engineers from Huafeng Weiye Company developed the spirit of ‘Initiative, Responsible, and Insisted’, used different methods to do the test, finally completed all commissioning tasks including local equipment commissioning, all I&C measuring point channels checking, logistic test of DCS in the first class, fault analysis and process of operating equipments and logics and reforming plan of unreasonable logistic design, and made the #1 passed the full load 100 hours trial operation test and to be qualified to be put into commercial operation.
  The successful commercial operation of Qinshan Nuclear #1 is not only the success of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, but also a great success of Huafeng Weiye Company in nuclear power commissioning. Huafeng Weiye Company is a professional electric power commissioning enterprise, so the participation and completion of the commissioning works in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant and Ningde Nuclear Power Plant is both the result of going with the state energy development strategy of striving to develop nuclear power and the result of improving company’s capability of nuclear power commissioning. In the next, our company will further enrich the achievements in the field of nuclear power commissioning and make more contribution to the development of domestic nuclear power.