Nigeria O&M Project Organizes Staff to Study <Law of Safe Production>


  On the evening of December 26th, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria O&M Project organized the staff to study the new <Law of Safe Production> and mobilized them to build the idea of ‘People First, Safe Development’ and to follow the safety management regulations for promoting the company’s safe production work.
  On the meeting, Mr. Peng Hong, Project Manager, conveyed the spirit of <Law of Safe Production> firstly, and then told all the departments of the project to unite their thought and deepen their understanding from the aspect of implementing scientific development, safe development and rule by law, deeply study and implement the <Law of Safe Production>, and promote the safe production work.
  Mr. Peng also emphasized that all the departments of the project should implement the spirit of the meeting in diversified forms, give priority to safety, implement all safety precautions, and focus on the safe production work at present. He also hoped the staff could take the study as a chance to check the weaknesses of risk pre-control and hidden danger checking combining with the characteristics of all special inspection and positions, make specific measures, further improve the awareness of safe production work, strengthen the safe production responsibility system, avoid production safety accident, protect both the people and the equipments, and make the Nigeria O&M Project to be operated better.
  The new <Law of Safe Production> was implemented on December 1st of this year. As a basic and comprehensive law in safe production field, the new law revised three principles including enhancing top design, looking ahead with reality and enhancing operability. And the law really has great significance in strengthening China’s safety production legal construction, enhancing safety supervision and management, avoiding serious accident, promoting the economic development and keeping the society safe and stable.