Nigeria O&M Project Organizes Competition Activity for Shift Leader Posts


  In order to meet the requirements of company strategic development, to build the employment mechanism of open, fair, competitive and preferential, and to allocate human resource more scientifically and reasonably, the Nigeria Project organized a competition activity for the post of shift leader recently, and there were 3 people recruited as shift leaders from the competition activity finally.
  Due to the vacation reasons, the competition activity lasted for 4 months. The project set up evaluation team for judging the competitor and used spoken English test, English written test, power station theory test and oral examination to evaluate the competitor. Finally, 3 persons became the shift leaders from the competition activity.
  Mr. Peng Hong, Project Manager, said on the oral examination that, ‘The purpose of organising the competition activity is to provide a platform for the employees to show their advantage and to improve the O&M level of the whole project by choosing the outstanding ones.’ He hoped that all the competitors could show their capability, energy and power, take the competition as a practice, and improve themselves by joining the competition.
  This competition activity showed our enterprise views of talents and employment, optimized the internal personnel structure of the project, and provided wider developing space for the staff. It really has great significance of making the learning atmosphere of ‘catch, study, compete, exceed’ in the project and improving the technological level of the staff and the O&M level of the whole project.