India Cuddalore Project Organizes Commissioning Training Activity


  From December 12th to 26th of 2104, Huafeng Weiye Company India Cuddalore Project organized a commissioning training activity which covered all specialties on the site. The training was carried out from the basic knowledge and equipment knowledge to the training about principles of systems, the meaning of all parameters and commissioning measures, and the trainees’ theoretical knowledge and practical technological level was improved gradually. The training combined the theory with practice and the teaching material with example; the teaching and learning atmosphere was lively; the trainees interacted with the teacher positively and showed great learning enthusiasm; the training effect was really good.
  1. Boiler: With the guidance of Mr. Xu Jisheng, Project Commissioning Chief Engineer, the trainees studied the boiler air compressor system and understood the air compressor system flow, internal structure, commissioning procedure, source of danger analysis of air compressor operation and safety cautions.
  2. Electric: Aiming at the energizing measures, the teacher explained the energizing range and the installation site and performance of the electrical equipments in switchyard, and the trainees knew the primary system from the training. Mr. Xiong Guoxi, Deputy Commissioning Chief Engineer of the project, led the electrical personnel to check the connection in terminal box of transformer and guided the new employees to do the DC resistance test of current loop. Mr. Zhang Hua, Electrical Engineer, explained the parameters of transformer to the trainees.
  3. Chemistry: The chemical engineers taught the boiler feedwater system, sea water desalination system, low pressure water pump, working principle of centrifugal pump, medium flow direction, start-up condition, controlling parameters of pumps, boiler feedwater system mixed bed regeneration system and technological operating procedures to the trainees.
  4. Steam Turbine: Mr. Li Yunpeng, Steam Turbine Engineer, introduced the equipment and main functions of generator stator cooling water system, and answered the questions asked by the trainees. Besides, they also organized the trainees to study the key points of sea water pump commissioning.
  5. I&C: The teacher taught the I&C configuration system and I&C communication system to the trainees.