Safety Inspection Team Visits Nigeria O&M Project for Guiding and Inspecting Their Work


  Recently, Mr. Wei Kezhong, the leader of safety inspection team, led the team which was composed by Operation and Maintenance Department of our present company and O&M Department of Huafeng Weiye Company to visit the Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria O&M Project and comprehensively inspected the project’s safety production work of 2014.
  This inspection is an important measure of implementing the relevant requirements of the notice from SEPCA and enhancing the safe production in the project as per the <SEPCOIII HSE Inspection Management System> and the <O&M Safety Meeting Minutes>. During the inspection process, the inspection team used various ways including listening report, checking files and on-site inspection for inspecting the organisation structure and responsibility of the project, regulations and safety management system construction, training, production equipments and facilities, working safety, hidden danger checking, occupational health, emergency response, information transmission and accident investigation, etc.
  On the Summary and Feedback Meeting, the inspection team spoke highly of the management work of the project and put forward several suggestions to the work. Mr. Wei Kezhong admired the project for putting safety production on first, overcoming difficulties to accomplish the production objective and the measures and results about training, equipment management and civilized production. After that, Mr. Peng Hong, Project Manager appreciated the inspection team and said that the project will improve the work as per the requirement and suggestion. He also required the project to further enhance the delicacy management and system closed-loop management, follow the rules and regulations, focus on ‘two tickets and three systems’ and training, implement the work of hidden danger checking and treating, build firm foundation to safety production and improve the civilized production level.
  This inspection showed both the achievements of 2014 and the disadvantages on safety production, so in the next period, the project will take measures to enhance the safety production work and build firm foundation for achieving the objective of safety production of 2015.