Nigeria Ogun Project Overfulfills Annual Power Generation Task


  At 22:06 of December 27th, 2014, the accumulative generated energy Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Ogun Project Phase I Power Plant reached 1.08 billion KWH which means the project overfulfilled the annual power generation task of the year 2014.
  Due to the terrible social condition and natural condition in Nigeria, the project met great challenge in completing the annual power generation task. In 2014, there were 27 black out of outer grid in Nigeria Ogun Project, and the power loss was 35.75 million KWH; by the reason of low gas pressure, there were 14 fluctuated load drop which cause power loss for 34.95 million KWH; there were also 53.17 million KWH power loss cause by gas supply failure and gas workers strikes; the total power loss of the project in this year was 124 million KWH which takes 1/9 of the power generation task set in the contract.
  Therefore, the project followed the requirements from the Group Company and Huafeng Weiye Company headquarters, coordinated all aspects, made detailed annual O&M plan, optimized operation as per the actual situation of the equipments, enhanced routine inspection, overcame a lot of negative factors such as personnel and instrument shortage, organized the equipment department and maintenance company to check the unit, finished the intermediate maintenance of GT1, GT7, GT8 and GT5 and the installation of #3 main transformer, and provided well insurance for maintaining operated unit and completing the annual power generation task. Finally, depending on the cooperation and joint effort of all departments and staff, the project overfulfilled the annual power generation task of 2014 and made the accumulative generated energy reached 1.08 billion KWH.
  This overfulfilment is the result of the project staff developing the iron army spirit and working hard for a whole year, which won recognition from the owner and also has great significance of further developing the electric power O&M market in Nigeria.