India Cuddalore Project Organizes Commissioning Training Activity (III)


  From December 27th of 2014 to January 9th of 2105, Huafeng Weiye Company India Cuddalore Project organized a commissioning training activity which includes all specialties on the site for the new employees. The training covered the boiler ash blower system, #1 generator-transformer unit, excitation system, gravity V shape filter system, framework of electrical machine and cabinet, feed water system, etc. By doing the training combining with theory and practice, the new employees knew more about the key points of commissioning work, system and using instrument.
  1. The specialty of Steam Turbine paid attention to explaining the knowledge of feed water system. Mr. Li Yunpeng explained commissioning measures, commissioning process and several key points about circulating water feed to the new employees; Mr. Zhao Jianbao introduced the structure of feed water pump and equipment name plate to the new employees.
  2. Electric. The engineers taught the #1 generator-transformer unit including parameters and functions of exciting transformer, and the new employees studied the equipment composition and working principle of excitation system. During the study, the new employees used multimeter, studied electrical machine and cabinet framework and practiced to use the relay protection testing device.
  3. Chemistry. The engineers led the new employees to study the industrial wastewater system and gravity V shape filter system and explained the technological process of industrial wastewater system, key control points of commissioning, internal structure and working process of gravity V shape filter system.
  4. Boiler. All members in boiler specialty studied the main steam system of Cuddalore Project including process, all valves, testing points and mattes need attention in the first week. In the second week, with the help of the trainer, the new employees studied the boiler ash blower system including structure, working process, parameters and matters need attention in the commissioning process of all kinds of ash blower.