Nigeria Ogun O&M Project Phase I #3 Finishes Intermediate Maintenance and Synchronization Successfully


  On January 14th, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Ogun O&M Project Phase I #3 finished synchronization which indicates the intermediate maintenance of #3 was completed successfully.
  Before doing the intermediate maintenance, the Equipment Dept of the project found that the gas turbine of #3 has some problems such as cracks on combustion nozzle and coating shedding which may cause danger to the safe operation of equipments. After that, the project discussed and negotiated with the owner immediately, reached agreement on spares and business affairs and prepared a lot to do the maintenance. In order to timely finish the maintenance task with safety and quality, the project made detailed maintenance plan. December is in the dry season of Nigeria, so the weather is hot and terrible; however, the Equipment Dept and the staff of the Maintenance Company developed the ‘Huafeng Spirit’ and worked really hard, finally completed the intermediate maintenance task and finished the synchronization. And all performance tests indicated that the main technical indexes met the acceptable quality level.
  The successful completion of the intermediate maintenance improved the equipment performance, enhanced the spirit of the project staff, and proved the technical capacity and basic management of the project. Next, the project is going to insist in the guiding principle of ‘pay attention to management, insure safety, and promote production’, make sure of the safe production of Phase I, further develop the power market in Nigeria, and make our company to be more famous in Nigeria.