Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project Organizes Safety Training for Commissioning Staff


  In order to further strengthen company’s talent training work and to cultivate comprehensive talents both knowing commissioning and O&M, recently, Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar Project took a part of commissioning staff into the project by following the on-site work requirement and company’s plan. For helping the new staff to fit the new working environment and to know the basic safety knowledge, the project organized safety training for a period of 5 days on January 29th and achieved great result.
  At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Project Manager, and Mr. Wang Jian, Deputy Project Manager, welcomed the new members warmly, introduced the O&M working mode to them, and encouraged them to study the professional knowledge, safety knowledge, the project’s rules and regulations and to be fit with the O&M work as soon as possible. Mr. Zou also said that the project has provided a good working environment to the staff for helping them to gain what they want.
  On the last day of the training, the project organized a test for checking the new staff’s study situation, and all of them passed the test and achieved good grades. The shift shows that our company pays great attention to talent training, and this training helped the new staff could change their roles from commissioning to O&M for preparing to do the following O&M work. Next, the project will organize the pre-job training for the new staff for building firm foundation of meeting the O&M work’s requirements.