Resource Sharing and Advantages Complementing – Ogun O&M Project Signs MOU with Hermes Co., Ltd.


  On January 31st, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company Ogun O&M Project signed MOU with Hermes Co., Ltd., which means our partnership was built. Mr. Nie Chunyu, Deputy Manager of Ogun O&M Project, and Mr. Ogbonna, President of Hermes Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony and signed on the MOU.
  Hermes Co., Ltd. is a domestic company of Nigeria. It was established in 2012, and its main business is about providing commissioning, operation, maintenance, design and construction of small projects for power stations. Hermes Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with NIPP for providing human resource service and O&M service to the NIPP power stations from handing over the Papalanto Phase II Combined Circulation Power Station till now. Mr. Ogbonna is the special assistant of Nigeria Federal Ministry of Electric Power’s minister and has rich experience of electric power. During the ceremony, Mr. Ogbonna was very glad to cooperate with Huafeng Weiye Company and hoped that the two parties could share their resource and experience with each other and get mutual benefit.
  The cooperation accomplished the dynamic integration of Huafeng Weiye Company’s advantages in power station operation management and maintenance technology and Hermes Company’s advantages in market development and native resources, broadened the road of further developing the Nigerian electric power market for Huafeng Weiye Company, and has significant meaning of enlarging our company’s influence and market shares in operation and maintenance of Nigerian power stations.