Thailand Project Temporarily Hands over NPP5A Unit to Owner


  At local time 09:00 of Feb 28th, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company Thailand Project held a ceremony for handing over the NPP5A unit to owner and achieved great success.
  During the ceremony, the owner, DOUBLE A, communicated with the EPC contractor, Datang Compnay, and reached consensus about the hand over matters. The owner singed for confirming the 168 hours operation situation of the unit; the EPC contractor will deal with the leftover problems in reasonable conditions. On the afternoon of 28th, the commissioning and operation parties will assist the owner to do restart the unit. When meeting required load, the unit will be handed over temporarily to the operators from the owner. After the ceremony, all the parties took a group photo for celebrating the handing over success.
  According to the plan, the start-up was started on Feb 19th, and the staff of the project worked hard to insure the whole start-up process. At 20:00 of Feb 20th, the unit reached its full load on 98MW and started to time 168 hours. After the continuous operation for a period of one week, the project finished the 168 hours whole start-up successfully.
  Handing over the NPP5A unit is the result of developing iron army spirit and carefully preparing and organizing of the project, which has positive influence to improving the company’s force and popularity in Thailand market.