SA Zawar O&M Project Takes over O&M Work of Block30


  At 07:30 of Feb 15th, 2015, the first batch of O&M workers of Huafeng Weiye Company Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project moved into the control room of Block30 and took over the O&M works of GT31 and GT32, which means Huafeng Weiye Company’s O&M team started to take over the O&M work of Block30 unit.
  On Feb 14th, the project held the Block30 O&M Taking over Meeting. Mr. Wang Jian, Deputy Project Manager, Mr. Zheng Wenchen, Deputy Director of EPC C&M Dept, and Mr. Wang Shuang, Operation Manager of Huadian Company, attended the meeting and communicated with each other about the taking over matters. In order to make sure to better carry out the work, Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Project Manager, organized the taking over team which includes the deputy project manager, Mr. Sun Jianhua from the Operation Dept, Mr. Peng Bo from the Maintenance Dept and all the chief leaders, to do the taking over work, and also required that all the departments should cooperate with the taking over team and take responsibility for work procedures and files to do the O&M work. According to the meeting, from the date of March 1st, Huafeng Weiye Company O&M Project and Hua Dian Company will start to do the handing over work of the gas turbines and boilers of Block30, and will finish the handing over work within 30 days.
  Finally, SA Zawar O&M Project has reached a consensus with all parties about the taking over work through the meeting, which insured the arrangement and implementation of the handing over work. Next, the project will implement the safety production policy, carry out the O&M work of Block30 with heart and soul, make the owners and company to be satisfied, and build firm foundation for the following O&M works.