SA Zawar Project Organizes Meeting for Studying Work Congress Spirit


  On March 3rd, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company Saudi Arabia Zawar Project organized the meeting for studying the spirit of 15th Workers Congress and 2015 Working Conference. Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, attended the meeting; Mr. Li Xuesong, Chief Commissioning Engineer of the project, and Mr. Zou Zhiyong, O&M Project Manager, and the staff of the project participated in the meeting.
  During the meeting, Ms. Li led the staff to study the report made by Mr. Wang Lujun, Chairman of SEPCOIII, and the speech made by Mr. Sun Degao, Secretary of the Party Committee, and explained the speech made by Mr. Sun on the SA Zawar Project Managers Meeting and arranged the project’s following work combined with company’s 2014 Work Summary and 2015 Work Plan as well as the reality of the project as follow:
  1. View the 2015 annual work of the project, find out the disadvantages and problems, be clear of the targets of every period, and insure the checking, assessing and implementing work of all the works.
  2. Build up the service concept from the owner’s aspect and serve the owner positively and actively to build foundation for following cooperation. Meanwhile, actively prepare the work for SA Branch Office to build foundation for developing SA and Middle East markets.
  3. Change and unify the thought deeply; communicate and cooperate closely. All the workers should understand that the EPC contractor, commissioning project and O&M project are united as one unity, and the Huafeng Weiye teams should cooperate with SEPCOIII to insure the commissioning and O&M works.
  4. The O&M team should prepare to meet the summer challenge. Since the peak season of SA is coming, the O&M Project should check the hidden danger, prepare the spares, clear the defects, insure the units to be operated steady with full load, and build foundation for winning the five years O&M contract.
  After the meeting, the staff of the SA Project further understood the congress spirit, were clear of the development concept and direction, and that has significant meaning of scientifically planning and efficiently implementing the following work. Next, the staff of the project will further unite their thoughts, implement the safety production policy, build the service concept from the owner’s aspect, to make the owner and company to be satisfied and make contribution to achieving company’s strategic goals.