SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes Outside Grid Power-loss Emergency Exercise


  On the afternoon of May 4th, 2015, SA Zawar O&M Project carried out the outside grid power-loss emergency exercise activity. The exercise was organized by the S&P Dept. and assisted by the Operation Dept., which is mainly for the operation staff. It simulated the situation of outside grid power-loss and the process of that the operation staff initiate emergency plan to deal with the emergency. There were more than 30 people participated in the exercise and achieved great result.
  At 15:00, Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Project Manager double as the Chief Director of the exercise, made a speech for emphasizing the goal and requirements, and then pronounced to begin the exercise. The exercise simulated the outside grid power-loss under the condition of insuring the unit safe operation, and then the operation staff and all the related departments acted in close coordination, deal with the emergency quickly and effectively, and insured the safety of both the people and the facilities. The exercise lasted in 45 minutes, ended at 15:45, and achieved intended goal.
  During the exercise, Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, and Mr. Wei Kezhong, Deputy Manager of SEPCOIII After-sale Service Centre, visited the site. Mr. Li and Mr. Wei affirmed the great effect of the exercise and required the project to discuss and consider all kinds of situation in the next, to increase the complexity of the exercise, and to strengthen the operation staff’s emergency treating ability.
  This exercise is an important action of implementing the ‘Safety First, Prevention First, Treating Comprehensively’ policy, insisting in combining prevention and rescue together, and increasing O&M staff’s emergency treating ability of the project, and has significant meaning of insuring the unit safe and steady operation.