Venezuela Central Power Plant Commissioning Project Works Well


  Venezuela Central Power Plant 600MW Oil-fired Unit Commissioning Project is an important achievement of developing the market in South America by ourselves. The leaders of our company pay high attention to the project; the project leaders work hard with all the staff of the project; and the project has been working really well since our staff coming to the site on May 15th, 2015.
  The project locates at Molon Area, Juan Jose City, Carabobo, Venezuela, beside the Caribbean Sea, with 1×600MW subcritical parameters oil-gas- fired turbo generator unit. The boiler is the kind of subcritical, once reheat, single furnace, balanced draft, semi-outdoor arranged, steel suspension structure, natural circulation drum boiler fired by heavy oil and natural gas. The steam turbine is subcritical, once reheat, three-cylinder four-exhaust, single shaft, double back-pressure, condensing seven-stage regeneration. The steam turbine by-pass system uses high and low pressure two-stage series by-pass system, and the capacity is 30%BMCR. The condenser uses seawater open cooling and backwater watering method to cool the machine. The generator is the water-hydrogen cooling and self-shunt static excitation generator. The project is owned by CORPOELEC and expanded on the 5 original units, which is the largest thermal generator set (oil-fired/gas fired) in Venezuela, and will be synchronized at the end of 2015. Brazilbia, the capital of Molon, built the first power plant in South America in 1876, so Brazilbia is the first city using electric light and street lamp in Venezuela. The 5 original units are all with 400MW; #1 and #2 are made by Borsig of Germany; #3, #4 and #5 are made by HITACHI; CMEC is the EPC contractor of this project, and Huafeng Weiye Company takes over the commissioning task of the project.
The first group of the project staff departed from China at Beijing time 1:00 a.m. of May 15th, after 25 hours’ flight, crossed the International Date Line, stretched over the pacific, arrived at the Caracas airport at local time 2:00 p.m. of May 15th, and came to the project accompanied by the staff of CMEC.
Entering from Caracas Airport
There are some small villas with more than 100 rooms surrounded by coconut trees in the living area of the project just near by the Caribbean Sea. This place was a famous resort which always attracts many people to here for vacation. The sunset brings golden light to the road, and the beautiful view makes everyone’s mind peaceful. All the beautiful sights are telling us the wonderful past stories.

General Picture of Living Area


Living Area Surrounded by Coconut Trees


Old Hotels


Coconut Trees


Native People


Leisure Time
On the site, the breakfast time is 6:30 a.m., and the staff will take 10 minutes’ bus to the working area at 6:50 a.m.. With the effort of the EPC staff, the auxiliary plants have been built, the hydraulic boiler test has been finished, and the steam turbine is adjusted. As the power for commissioning is in short supply and the energization might be finished at October, the site are now using the power from the old plant for commissioning of instrument, valve and some systems.


General Picture of Working Area


The Power Plant


Constructing the Chemical Water Making Plant


Checking Installation Progress in Steam Turbine Room


Two Small Steam Turbine Made by Dongfang Factory


Checking Installation Progress in Steam Turbine Room
Completing the project needs the effort from all the parties. The project leaders pay attention to the installation process to guarantee the synchronization plan; Huafeng Weiye Company’s commissioning staff carefully calculate the commissioning time and make the commissioning plan as per the synchronization plan. However, the limited time and hard works requires all parties’ cooperation.


Overtime on Site

Since the owners all speaking Spanish but worse English, the largest difficulty to the commissioning staff is communication on the site. Aiming at this problem, before going to the site, the company leaders arranged a Spanish training for the staff from March 9th to 18th, which helped the staff to master the basic Spanish knowledge, and using Spanish also makes the relationship between the staff and the owner more harmonious.


Owner’s engineer is checking the work.

The Venezuela Central Power Plant Commissioning Project is our first achievement in the market of South America. All the project staff insist in our enterprise mission, develop the iron army spirit, work together with all their hearts and souls, make effort to build our company’s brand image, and build firm foundation to further developing the market of South America.