Thailand Project NPP9 Unit Produces Qualified Chemical Water


  At 10:48 of June 27th, 2015, Thailand Project produced qualified desalting water with 20 days hard working, which was finished 3 days ahead of schedule.
  Before that, the owner urged the project to produce qualified water. Therefore, the chemical commissioning staff came to the site in advance, put forward valuable suggestions, and made the equipment to be qualified for commissioning. The chemical commissioning staff followed the project’s arrangement, communicated with the owner positively, made detailed commissioning plan, and E-mail the process to the owner timely. All the commissioning staff worked together by following the plan and completed all the tasks wonderfully. 1 grade RO produced water on June 14th, 2 grade RO produced water on 16th, mixed-bed produced water on 27th, all of these means that the NPP9 unit produced qualified chemical water.
  The great success of Thailand Project NPP9 unit producing qualified chemical water is the achievement got by the commissioning staff with the iron army spirit and hard work, which built firm foundation for the following subsystem commissioning and complete commissioning works.