India Cuddalore Project #1 Boiler Steam-line Blowing Work Is Finished


  At local time 11:30 a.m. of August 5, 2015, the steam-line blowing of India Cuddalore Project 2×600MW Unit #1 boiler was finished successfully.
  The blowing used the blowing method of step-down pressure from August 3. During the period, the commissioning staff of the project monitored and guided the whole process in the control room and the site by following the commissioning measures and operation regulations, solved the problems happened in the blowing process timely, which insured that there was no accident in the whole process. Finally, with the joint effort of all the commissioning staff, after overcame all the difficulties such as owner’s strict supervision and frequently happened defects, the project successfully finished the boiler steam-line blowing task with two continuous target practices at 11:30 a.m. of August 5.
  In order to insure to carry out the blowing works, the commissioning staff led by the commissioning chief engineer overcame all the difficulties such as short period, heavy task and terrible environment, finished the blowing relevant interlock test, trial operation and system commissioning works within one month, and built firm foundation for finishing the #1 boiler steam-line blowing work. At the same time, the company leaders paid great attention to the work and gave great support to the project. Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy Manager, and Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, came to the site for guidance, organized the staff to discuss and verify the interlock protection logistic of the main auxiliary machines, attended the commissioning regular meetings, and provided guidance about the problems happened in the commissioning process, which effectively insured the commissioning quality. During the blowing period, Mr. Li and Mr. Lv came to the site for guidance, communicated with all the parties, and insured to finish the blowing work as well as the following complete start-up work.
  The blowing work cleaned the residual rust, welding slag and scales in the steam pipes produced in the manufacturing, transportation and installation process, cleared the system potential risk, and built firm foundation for the following steam turbine running and complete start-up works, and that also means that the commissioning work has moved into the unit start-up stage.