SA Zawar Commissioning Project Organizes Overseas Social Security Training


  On August 28th, 2015, SA Zawar Commissioning Project organized the Overseas Social Security Training. Mr. Zhang Peng, Safety Supervisor of company’s Safety & Environment Department, gave the lecture, and Mr. Li Xuesong, Commissioning Chief Engineer, and the leaders in the project as well as all the commissioning staffs attended the training.
  The training introduced how to deal with kidnap, social security risk identification, travelling safety, individual safety, weapon knowledge, international military terms, first-aid and binding, etc. to the trainees, and also analyzed several examples to explain the safety protection concepts. During the training, Mr. Li said that everybody should have the protection awareness and improve personal protection ability to guarantee company’s overseas projects development.
  After the training, the staff better understood the importance of overseas security, further improved their safety awareness and mastered the basic personal protection knowledge and first-aid skills. The training finally achieved great result.