SA Zawar O&M Project Takes over O&M Work of Block40


  On September 1st, 2015, the O&M staff of SA Zawar O&M Project came to Block40, which means our O&M team has taken over the O&M work of Block40.
  On August 29st, the taking over meeting of Block40 O&M work was held in the project. Our O&M team, Commissioning and Operation Department of EPC, the commissioning leaders of all divisions and Huadian Operation attended the meeting. During the meeting, all the parties discussed the ‘O&M Work Hand over and Take over Plan of Block40’ and ‘Operation Work Hand over and Take over Implementation Plan of SA Zawar Project Block40’and negotiated about the relevant matters and reached consensus.
  The hand over work is entire and completed, which includes all the main and auxiliary equipment such as GT41, GT42, HRSG41, HRSG42 and ST30, ect. of Block40, and facing with many difficulties such as large scope, heavy task and limited time. In order to insure to carry out the taking over work, the project planned and prepared a lot from personnel dispatch, training, material gathering, knowing systems and analyzing defects, etc.
  Next, the project will insist in the policy of ‘Safe Production and Civilized Production’ to insure the safe and stable operation of Block10-40 and to make the owners satisfied.