India Cuddalore Project #1 Synchronizes Successfully


  At local time 10:38 of September 1st, 2015, #1 of India Cuddalore Project was synchronized successfully.
  The leaders of company always pay high attention to the commissioning work of India Cuddalore Project. Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy Manager, and Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, came to the site for guidance and inspection, solved a lot of problems and proposed many useful suggestions. During the commissioning period, they also communicated with other departments to make sure to carry the commissioning work.
  In order to guarantee the synchronization work of #1, the leaders and commissioning staffs of the project developed the iron army spirit, overcame various difficulties such as limited time, tight personnel allocation and terrible working environment, etc., and prepared a lot for the commissioning work. Especially Mr. Yu Fanwei, Commissioning Chief Engineer, worked hard in the site for more than 20 hours to solve the problems happened in the commissioning period. Finally, the commissioning staff of the project finished the work successfully with their great effort and spirit and won recognition from all the parties. Moreover, the EPC Iron Army sent the letters of thanks to us specifically.
  The successful synchronization of #1 is the result of project commissioning team’s great work and spirit supported by the leaders of company. This is not only the appreciation of the commissioning staff’s work, but also the firm foundation for the following commissioning and trial operation works.