Xinjiang Jingang Project Finishes Blowing Work of #2


  At 13:18 of September 15th, 2015, company received great news that the blowing work of #2 of Xinjiang Jingang 2×135MW Owned Power Plant was finished, which built firm foundation for the following complete start-up work.
  CSEPDI built Xinjiang Jingang Owned Power Plant as the EPC contractor, and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for the commissioning work. During the ignition and blowing process, the boiler engineers developed the iron army spirit, overcame the difficulties including wet coal, ignition difficulty caused by difference between fired coal and designed coal and coal mill vibration, etc., cooperated positively, finally finished the blowing work of #2. The blowing work was carried out in plasma mode and without fuel system, which saved a quantity of oil for the owner and won favorable comments.