SA Zawar Commissioning Project Finishes Blowing Work of BLOCK20


  At 17:40 of September 19th, 2015, SA Zawar Commissioning Project finished blowing work of Block20 with all 6 qualified target practices for 2 boilers.
  In order to better carry out the blowing work, after recovering acid cleaning system of the first boiler HRSG21, the commissioning staffs leaded by Mr. Li Xuesong, Commissioning Chief Engineer, developed the iron army spirit, cooperated closely, overcame all the difficulties such as short supply of water, terrible whether and limited time, used the valuable experience of the blowing works of Block30 and Block40, finished the preparation work including system checking, equipment trial running, valves commissioning and logic verification within 2 weeks for 2 boilers of Block20, and won owner’s recognition. At 10:10 of September 17th, the blowing work of HRSG21 was started, and then at 17:40 of September 19th, all the 6 target practice of HRSG21 and 22 were qualified and accepted by SIEMENS, supervisor and owner, which means the blowing work of Block20 was finished successfully.
  This success built firm foundation for the following commissioning work and also means the combined circulation moving into complete start-up stage.