Thailand Project Achieves Success on First Ignition of NPP9 1×135MW Biomass CFB Unit


  At local time 12:18 of Sept 30th, 2015, Thailand Project achieved success on first ignition of NPP9 1×135MW Biomass CFB Unit, which means the first stage of partial trial running was finished and the project moved a great step to the target that “working hard in 40 days for electricity generation”.
  In order to insure the success of ignition, Thailand project prepared carefully, overcame many difficulties and operated as per the commissioning measures and standards strictly. At 12:18, with the project leader’s command, the fire was burned in the furnace and the smoke floated out of the smoke tube, which means the ignition was successful, and that also built firm foundation for synchronization and electricity generation in the next step.
  Next, Thailand Project will further develop the iron army spirit and work harder to get the full success of the whole project.