Xinjiang Jingang Project Achieves Success on Running #2


  At 20:10 of Nov 3rd, 2015, Xinjiang Jingang Project achieved great success on running of #2 with speed 3000r/min, and all the parameters were fine.
  At 18:00, with the effort of the commissioning staff, the preparation work before running were finished which means the #2 with all the normal parameters was ready for running, and the logic protect of steam turbine was also normally operated. At 18:06, the steam turbine was latched for running. Till 20:10, the rotate speed reached 3000r/min and the running was successful, which won affirmation from both the owner and the EPC contractor.
  After that, the testing works after running were finished and all qualified. The success is the result of the cooperation and joint effort of all the specialties in the project and it also shows our commissioning team’s working spirit and professional skill. Next, the project will further develop the iron army spirit to insure the following commissioning work.