Xinjiang Jingang Project Finishes 72+24 Trial Running of #2


  At 18:18 of Nov 27th, 2015, the 72+24 trial running work of #2 of Jingang Circular Economy Industrial Park 2×135MW Owned Power Plant, Xinjiang Production and Construction Groups, was finished successfully.
  The leaders of our company paid high attention to the commissioning work of Jingang Project. During the commissioning period, Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, came to the site for guiding the work and solving the problems, which did insure the implementation of the commissioning work. Depending on the commissioning experience of #1, the leading engineers and all the commissioning staffs leaded by Mr. Dong Zhijing, Commissioning Chief Engineer of the Project, developed the excellent style of work, worked hard, cooperated closely, finally finished the 72+24 trial running work with 1 month and won recognition from both the owner and the EPC contractor.
  Finishing the trial running work of #2 shows the affirmation from the project to all the commissioning staffs’ professional skills and spirit, and it also means that the commissioning work of Xinjiang Jingang Project was finished successfully.